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Dublin Studio Headshots – 13th January 2023

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I am now taking bookings for an afternoon headshot studio session on Friday 13th January 2023 at Gardiner Street, Dublin.

As a standard package for a studio headshot session we offer:

 30 minute shoot
 4 edits in Colour and Black and White 
 White and Black backdrop change

If you wish to avail of a longer session please book 2 slots.

Please choose a time from the drop-down box below.


Studio headshots by Irish photographer Eamonn B. Shanahan.

Before your session:

We advise that you arrive 15 minutes before your session to ensure that you have time to relax and to fix your make-up, hair and appearance comfortably before we begin. On booking your session we will ask if you have a particular music request (if any) to also help you relax.

After your session:

After your session we will send you a full contact sheet of all photographs taken during your session. We suggest that you choose your top 10 in order of preference, following this we will check the quality and usability of your choices, editing four as aforementioned. If you would like more we charge an addition €30 per edit.


A/ Booking
B/ Shoot
C/ On the following day, you will receive your contact sheet
D/ On receipt of your choices we will begin edits
E/ Over the next three-working days we will complete your edits and return them to your print and digital ready

Getting the most out of your headshot:

Having worked with casting agents and as directors, here are a few tips to make the most of your headshot session.

  1. Drink plenty of water in the run up to your session. Hydrated skin gives a natural glow and reduces darkness around the eyes.
  2. Have a few good night sleeps before your session. There is very little we can do in post-production to hide fatigue. Try to have a good sleeping routine in the run up to your session.
  3. Avoid wearing too much make up. Remember that a studio session is lit with strong photography lighting. A good, pre-lined lipstick, eyeliner and mascara can really accentuate your features. Light contouring is good but don’t over-do it! If you do use foundation, always remember to do your neck with the same colour.
  4. Wear simple clothing. Avoid patterns, strong fluorescent or primary colours.
  5. The primary focus of your headshot is your eyes. Be sure that nothing distracts the viewer from your eyes. If you wear a fringe, be sure it doesn’t cover your eyes.
  6. If you wish to have a bearded and a shaven look, you can do so by booking additional time.
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